Before its time but with good excuse, here is link to the Thane’s Sonnet jab.

The Dusty Thanes

Well, this is a first. Two posts on one day… But since I am leaving tomorrow for vacation in Greece I have obtained permission from Thalia to post my sonnet for this Sunday two days early.  I had been working on a serious sonnet, but since my mind left for vacation a day or two ago, I wrote a different sonnet. Here it is after the picture:


Against vicious ideas I fain would write
And caution and warn against pretention,
And giving nihilists much attention;
And thinking myself Tiresias, indict
Every diseased idea that thinks it’s right.
Instructing to increase all retention
Of wholesome ideas full of redemption,
And arming my reader, send them to fight.
Alas, my thoughts are greatly distracted
Coming vacation makes thinking protracted
And rhyming words like insignificant
Appears to require a mendicant.
So, since sentience has fled for a season
On a beach I’ll…

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