This Bewildering Cyberworld

Hello my friends and lovely ones!

Yesterday, I worked the last Saturday my company’s call center will be open. It was slow…. very very slow. *Shrug* I guess that is why we’re narrowing hours. In my consecutive moments of bored, curiosity and productivity, I decided to accomplish something useful and hopefully helpful and entertaining to the rest of the world.

Happy Kitty is Happy.

We are now bringing you laughs and insight in tiny quick doses on Twitter!!/EgotistsClub

We’re out there, adding multimedia based on our hijinks and academic pursuits on Youtube! Find a dramatic reading by  Melpomene of one of the Wine Party Poems here…

We’re now on Facebook, with a page dedicated to how silly and amazing we are. It’s still very much under construction, but by all means, friend us so that we can smile at you in a cyber fashion.

And finally, as a result of all of this, we now have a group email address. All the muses have access to this, so from now on, if you want to reach the Egotists with a question, request or comment, email us at

I’m sure that content will overlap somewhat, but each page lends itself to its own fun and games, so do visit us on occasion and follow us if you just can’t get enough of our self assured manner and monocle bedecked gaze.


4 thoughts on “This Bewildering Cyberworld

  1. What ho? Egotists Tubing, and turning Twittish, and Bookfacing (as my Irish friend would say)? Ridiculoso! I may just have to…subscribe to your YouTube Channel (I’m on there as Prince of Arfon [a few points for getting that literary reference], though I don’t upload anything), and…and…bookmark your Twitter page (being no Twit myself, that can’t subscribe there too)…and “Like” your Facebook page.

    After all, now that I have a monocle of mine own, I can follow you closely, and in style.

  2. You have a monocle? O excellent man!
    Well, it all started with youtube. and then it spiralled out of any semblance of what have you…What can I really say? I had a lot of consecutive bored moments to fill.

    • Yay! I think the youtube channel is going to be a fun supplement. A couple of us have recording devices and all of us have enough booze to produce a friendly ad hilaritatem sort of state. There are many plans already.

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