Sonnet Duel: Evil Spirits

I spent the weekend with my brother, and we were going to post tomorrow, but it looks like he’s still trying to win! So, I drove 5.5 hours, dropped my things, petted That Cat and here we are. Here is a poem about a frustrating, embarrassing, and bemusing (is that a word?) situation, found mostly in public places.
Evil Spirits

Where else in life is such humiliation?
To speak of this, my silly tragedy
Involves a sort of mental constipation.
Sing, oh Muse, of woeful comedy!
In the clogged and soulless automation
Of the modern world which leaves behind
The sacred cloister of the human station:
While resting gently thus within my mind
I find I’m not alone! With gurgle eerie,
A misanthropic Djinn, both cruel and tragic
Obtrudes himself upon my reverie
With demonstrations of untimely magic.
For when I rise, the horrid sprite recants
The preemptive flush that only wet my pants.

6 thoughts on “Sonnet Duel: Evil Spirits

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