Fascination Lessons: An Epigram

To A Friend Seeking a Husband

Lengthen your neck
And untie your shoes.
That’s what we’ve learned
From the Poets and booze.


After an evening of poetry and a strawberry-y gin drink; after absorbing an epithalamium and a few poems of love and wooing, we (Terpsichore and I) distilled this tidbit of wisdom for any friend who wonders what it may be that draws the poetic eye of devotion.



7 thoughts on “Fascination Lessons: An Epigram

    • Spenser’s Epithalamium includes a hilarious blazon that compares the bride’s neck to a “towre”. This, with other such thoughts, seems very odd to me. My neck is nothing like a towre. Maybe that is why I am not a bride? 🙂 I am SO glad you laughed. Have a happy day!

  1. Towresque necks are definitely attractive, I cannot lie.

    Men do, however, prefer women who know how to tie their shoes. Spenser was dead wrong about that, the Anglican weirdo.

      • Oh! That was Robert Herrick. On reading “Delight in Disorder,” we decided that the advisee was, perhaps, a bit too competent in dressing, hence our distillation to a bit of counsel which might seem…a tad peculiar. But it’s all about wild civility!! For WHAT shall we do when we don’t get to have petticoats, or, indeed, a tempestuous anything?!

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