Sonnet Duel: Porcine Transgression

Far from the high brow lament of the Dusty Thane’s sonnet, I inflict this silly sonnet on the world. Based on the real life events of a previously mentioned Brilliant Physicist, there really is a reason to deplore pigs. Tonight I join said Physicist to partake of pig, prepared pyrically. Burn, piggy, burn.

And so, here is my silly sonnet called:

praeteritorum malorum

My fate is sealed but then, I swear, so’s theirs.
Begrudging my ascent to feed the beasts
I’m bringing up their hignesses a feast!
But they’re such swine the do not even care.

This mash of vomit smelling cassarole
Is fodder for the putrid pigs I hate
But they’re too dumb to move out of the hole
I dump this in. They stand in it and wait.

But not with patience, no, maliciously
They have a bet on times I’ll let them bite
At me. That’s it! The limit’s reached. With glee
I kick the biting swine, begin the fight

That I will win the day that I awaken
And turn these horrid hogs into my bacon.

2 thoughts on “Sonnet Duel: Porcine Transgression

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