Epic Meme Saturday: Roguish Villainy

Oh, there are so many good types of villains!

The villains that are totally evil but still so attractive, the kinds are bumbling and cute, the kinds that make you shrivel in your pajamas, the kind that are so pompous that they make you laugh, the kind that are delightfully evil (differing from the shriveling kinds because they don’t give you night-meres)…. And oh so many more!

I think it would be possible to make it a lifelong hobby to categorize all the different kinds of villains one might encounter when venturing out into the scary and mysterious world of literature. I don’t know why one would want to do that, but it is possible!

All hobbies aside, I really don’t know who my favorite villain is. I love the demons in The Phantom Tollbooth, but I don’t know if they could really be called villains, they are more like a trial for the character to defeat. So I have to think of something more than just having fun reading about these dubious characters!!


Well, I must say that when I read “King Lear” for the first time, I was shocked to find out that Edmund as a bad guy!

I mean, he had all the qualities of someone great; strength of character, vision, determination, courage, cunning…except they were all so sadly misplaced and he used them maliciously to achieve what he perceived as his own personal ‘good’ rather than using them honorably to reach a higher good. He let his bitterness at the way he was chained to his station poison all that could have been good in him.

Yet there is something so appealing about him, about what he could be. I almost wish he didn’t die, so that I could see if that hint that he could have become a real man ever came true.

4 thoughts on “Epic Meme Saturday: Roguish Villainy

  1. Oh yes, I like Edmund, too. He’s so delightfully dastardly. I mean, his first speech ends with the rallying cry, “Ye gods, stand up for bastards!” He’s got some great lines. “I would be what I am, had the maidenliest star twinkled upon my bastardizing.” And I agree, if he could have been reformed, what a hero he could have made!

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