Sonnet Duel: “Lost”


“Oh brave new world”, oh, falsely now that rings!
Beguiled by lusting fancy for a world
Of images—mirages, and imaginings.
And by the treachery around me furled
I forfeit all. For there were harmonies
Until the curls of nighttime wafting, wind
About the trees, the blossoms, and the breeze.
Here now I, cloistered in a tower, find
A sterner couch; a colder harsher ache.
I chilled, awake; and in the unforgiven
Ages of the barren night, I quake:
As silenced truth obtrudes on me unbidden
That tho’ my fragrant island yet remains,
My armored innocence lies, by me slain.

In response to my brother the Dusty Thane’s sonnet Calm.

The Chant De Roxanne is from the Szymanowski’s opera King Roger. It is the song of the queen to seduce the pagan shepherd into the court of the King.

For now, just listen and read. I can write about the meaning and impact of Szymanowski and this piece later, if you, gentle reader, would like.


6 thoughts on “Sonnet Duel: “Lost”

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  2. I like this. Is it meant to tie into the Tempest story? The theme of a character betrayed by others certainly fits Prospero’s own story, but I don’t want to think this is what happens to Miranda!

  3. I never said she couldn’t leave the tower. But a city is very differant than the woods. And she can’t leave her new home. She’s presumably the queen.

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