Book Meme: Triumph sounds like . . .

I have to put a song to a book!?  Aihg! I think I would rather kill Hydra, or clean out the Augean stables!

(I might be able to do those in about a year… or a hundred…)

Have ever read those delightful children’s stories where magiks are accomplished through music or words or pictures? These strains of magic are always powerful, but when one or more are woven together the strength behind the power becomes deep, running through bone and blood.

In our own more ordinary world it still has tremendous power, though usually not quite as flashy! So, there being quite a lot of possibilities to this most earthshaking power I will choose something a little less potent (hopefully).

Make Way for the Ducklings

by Robert McCloskey

and set to

Haydn’s “Trumpet Concerto in E flat minor Finale”

This delightful little story details the adventures of a family of ducks who are trying to travel across Boston to get to an island in the middle of a park. In their perilous journey they encounter automobiles, bicycles, drain vents, and a friendly policeman. At last they make it safe and sound to the island and get diner from the passengers on a boat-shaped like a swan who throw peanuts to them. Hooray!

And by a strange coincidence it fits rather well with my favorite piece of music by Josef Haydn! The finale of the Trumpet Concerto in E flat major is just as charming as the story of these strange and very lucky ducklings. The cheerful theme winds through the music with only hints of darkness and danger. It trips along with a playfulness that at the same time has a sort of odd dignity.

It might be magic, but I am willing to bet that it is white magic.

5 thoughts on “Book Meme: Triumph sounds like . . .

  1. Well-matched! I remember reading tons of picture books from the library when I was small. This one sounds vaguely familiar, though I can’t say for sure if I’ve read it.

    • Thank you Jubilare, I am glad that my drivilings amuse you, that is the highest compliment anyone could give me!! And I love Haydn, he is so much fun!

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