A New Muse!

Friends, followers, fellow-bloggers, lend us your ears!

(Or eyes, in this case. Oh, you know what I mean.)

Great news, that portends omens of prosperity and rejoicing . . .
A great song is heard on the wind. A subtle and enticing song echoed from the mountains.

Gentle Reader, it is my esteemed privilege to introduce you to the newest muse in the Egotist’s Club! Please welcome (cue: trumpet flourish…) our sister newly come from the hills and dales of Arcadia,

(cue: drum roll….drum roll? Oh, where’s that drummer got to now?)


Ecce: Calliope,  traditionally the muse of Epic Poetry, graceful guide of the beautiful voice. She herself of legend is the muse of Homer.  She taught Orpheus to sing. She is a whisper and thought.

Our own Calliope is a brilliant muse, bringing great knowledge – both historical and practical – of Art. By which I mean, drawing, painting, sculpting. Art, you know. Art.

 For an example, behold the avatar that Melpomene uses. It is one of Calliope’s works. And technically it is a portrait of Nienna, not Melpomene.

Calliope breaks form to honor us with her written arts for the Book Meme Reflections.

Also, it is worth noting that she is the actual, biological sister of our Most Revered Elder Melpomene. Watch their intriguing gravitation to completely opposite directions. It is a thing of glory to behold the personal devotion but characteristic contradiction. I, Thalia, have had the honor to see these sisters together.

Calliope joins us tomorrow, to bring you her own Book Crush and to join our book loving summery picnic or thought and fellowship. Welcome!


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