Happy Tolkien Day!

It is a little late, but we just have to say . . . . .

Happy Tolkien Day!

(Or week. Or two weeks!)

Technically, March 25 is the day that the One Ring fell into Mount Doom, and both it and Sauron were destroyed.


And how do we celebrate? By reading Tolkien, of course!

The Tolkien Society has declared this day to be “Tolkien Reading Day”, and encouraged any all Peoples to visit or revisit Middle Earth on March 25.

(Or, perhaps, any other of Tolkien’s work that does take place in Arda. I suggest “Leaf By Niggle“.)

And, naturally, this has been picked up by fellow bloggers and turned into something of a more Organized Event. To that end, the book review blog “Pages Unbound” – comprised of a few generous and clever ladies – is hosting two weeks filled with guest posts about Tolkien! The first post is a lovely review of The Hobbit. You should go check it out.

We muses, as well as our friend David, were asked to participate, so keep checking back to find our contributions!

Now go forth, and read something by Tolkien!


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