A Dairy Tale, Part II

I have been a tea drinker of varying degrees of dedication since I was a twelve-year-old Anglophile.  Yet I have stubbornly insisted upon being a self-proclamed “purist” and thus drink my tea straight (despite the fact that most good English people drink their tea with milk, so I have heard).  No sugar, no milk, no thanks.  They can give tea a weird, watered-down sweet flavor that I don’t like.

Then I went to the Dark Side in college, which is to say I discovered coffee and began drinking it religiously every morning.  I suppose that’s religious in the same say Sith lords are religious?  I like to brew it black as the devil’s heart and strong as sin.  And then evangelize it with a bit of half-and-half.  Anyhow, it has been lovely.  Until recently, when my body has said “enough caffeine is enough” and left me to decide that unless I want to experience full-on Paul Atreides spice trances every time I drink coffee, I had better find some kind of alternative to my favorite morning beverage.  I’ve been seeking a decaf that actually tastes like coffee, and not some sadistic coffee-hater’s revenge.  I may have found one.  But I’m still not sure my body and I have made our peace over the bean.

If it really comes down to a life without coffee, I may have no alternative than to throw myself off a cliff, somewhat like this, perhaps.  But before I decide it’s really come to that, I thought, I still have tea.  Yet one of the things I love about my morning coffee is the way the cream adds a delightful dairy richness to the bitter tang of dark roasted beans.


How about Earl Grey with cream in it?

O, sweet Valar, why have I never tried this before?

Milk tea: where have you been all my life?

Also, if you’ve never seen this, now would be a good time: Victorian tea rap!


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