Children’s Games

You know, I don’t usually think too hard about homophones. Context, under ordinary circumstances keeps me reading and understanding what the author means. Yesterday, there was the tiny issue of exhaustion preventing me from properly understanding my own writing. I wrote something about violin playing and bowing. Not an issue, yeah? But do I mean bowing or bowing? Uh oh.


My mind ran in tiny, paranoid, ever narrowing circles trying to remember if the my bow and bowing were spelled the same as the bow and my excellent bowing. Oh dear. Pretty soon, I couldn’t remember which I had meant. The Pernambuco and horsehair in my right arm? The gesture of humility involving elegantly folding oneself more or less in half? What on earth is haaaaaaaapening????

Well, I’ve got it figured out. There’s bow, bow, bow and bow. No big deal, yeah?

Not at all. In fact, I have been thinking of turning it into a game.

When I was in high school, I had some lovely friends, who were not afraid to play slightly childish games. One excessively hot summer, we were sitting about outside wishing for a way too cool off. I wish I could remember whose idea this was. We sat about in a circle. “It” walked ominously around behind us with a bucket of freezing cold water. At each person, “It” intoned “Drip”, and scooped a tiny amount of water onto the person’s shuddering head. “Drip……..Drip………Drip……Drip………..”

“DELUGE!” and It upended the whole bucket of water on someone’s head and took off like greased lightening.

Drip Drip Deluge is one of my favorite summer games. And now, I am ready to propose a new game. This game is called Noun Noun Verb.













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