Proclaiming Who’s Who

Commence you all here, with a “hwaet” and a “hark”!

The Second of March, in Nineteen-Oh-Two

– A day the fish mark,

And the Grinches still rue –

Is auspicious for being a good natal day,

For an infant that morn in a wood cradle lay.

His humor was quirky

And his vocab was vast,

His rhythm was perky

And his art, unsurpassed!

His creations have taken a place on our shelves,

Imaginations were wakened within all ourselves.

He liked to enthuse,

With insight quite spry,

And proclaim to the Whos,

“What ho! I am I!”

With whimsy and meter his books were imbued;

His stories stayed lively and witty and true,

– With feline or moose! –

As up we all grew.

And so, Dr. Seuss,

Happy Birthday to YOU!



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