Thalia and Terpsichore’s Dictionary. Part 1

Moribund: n. The garment that allows one to wear death around your waist. The Grim Reaper wears a moribund to black tie events. 

Ablute: v. Indicates that you are about to perform ablutions. If the ablutions are done, you may find you have abluted. It may also be used as a command, thus: ABLUTE THYSELF

Apoplectic: adjSpazzy, electric. Generally given to apples. 

Risotto: nThe fancy term for musical hairpin dynamics.

Dilthy: adj. Filthy, dirty. Re: street urchins.

Vouge:  interj.  
Shorthand for “It’s French, Y’all;” meant to follow incomprehensible French words to explain why they are incomprehensible.

Liturges: n. Sudden unsuppressible desire for tradition forms of worship.

Ablative Lesions: n.Welts on your parts of speech. Cured with vitamin C and Wheelock’s.

Radiculopathy: nsuffering from a mood of extreme silliness.

Capetown: n.
The epic capital of South Africa, where everyone still wears dramatic swoopy vampiric cloaks.

Vampiric: adj. 
Like a vampire, dummy.


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