To Be Happy:

Have a friend.

Not someone you can hang out with. Someone you can confide in. Someone who can ask you what is wrong, and you actually tell. Someone who acts on that information.

It’s been a rough day for me. Probably just a sugar crash from all the nice gluten free things my colleagues made for me for Valentines day. Anyway, it made it hard to face all my plans. Terpsichore took notice and pity. When she got home with foods for dinner, I was inspecting the backs of my eyelids. According to her, they bear careful examination. However, as she unpacked she brought me.

1) flowers. bright, happy, yellow fuji mums to keep in a vase in our extra classy bathroom.

2) strawberries. These were brought to me, lying in bed, and held for smelling and then eating. NEVER has a berry tasted better. They brought me out of bed.

3) a grapefruit for the morning. Thursday is better than Wednesday as of right now.

4) Tea. Calculated for calmness.

5) calm music. and not so calm music, but good music.

6) She’s making dinner as we speak. This sausage risotto is my favorite. Full of spinach and a mountain of snowy cheese.

So I say to you. If you have a bad day, keep your real friends around you. You may have a quick hey-presto style turn around. As my mom says, God always sends strength when you need it. Just enough. It took a lot tonight, but I thank my God for Terpsichore and dinner.


One thought on “To Be Happy:

  1. Query. How does one find this creature? What is the thing to do if any such prospective person is nonexistent or, at least, far away?

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