A Very Merry Unbirthday

Thalia and Melpomene plot and plan over coffee.

Thalia: Hwaet! An epic tale of long ago days shall we tell!

Melpomene: Four score and some days ago . . .

Thalia: To wit, about a year.

Melpomene: . . . our muses – collective and brilliant – led us to stumble onto a mention of an old “London Gentlemen’s Club” known simply as “The Egotist’s Club“.

Thalia: Although the club itself was likely fictitious, such a wondrous name called out for it to be A Real Thing.

Melpomene: A club comprised of, by and for the minds that Must Not Be Silent.

Thalia: And we called this club . . . .  Our Club.

Melpomene: But then, we realized that such an erudite society required an equally blistering name.

Thalia: And then we remembered. We already have a name! Thusly, taking our que from our beloved Lord Peter Wimsey, and we decided to endow our venture with a moniker that will remain classy, elegant, and allusive.

Melpomene: An appellation that evokes the intellectual cravings and the aesthetic values some of our favorite artists.

ThaliaA name that recalls both the delight, brilliance, beauty, and joy of Lord Peter . . . .

Melpomene: . . . . as well as the academic and artistic struggles of Eliot, Pound, and their ilk.

Thalia: And so, on the tenth of February, the Year of Our Lord 2011 . . . .

Melpomene: The Egotist’s Club was born.

Thalia: *sniff* It all started with two small little rants. One on spiders. One on names.

Melpomene: And now we have a Manifesto!

Thalia: Obvio! We are Egotists. And, we have accomplished A Great Many Things.

Melpomene: Indubitably. Shall we list this plethora of greatness?

Thalia: Nah. It would take faaaaaar too long.  Let me sum up!

Melpomene: Yes?

Thalia: The Muses – being us – have doubled in number.

Melpomene:  The blog must be peopled!

Thalia: On that note, we have a decent number of faithful followers.

Melpomene: Thank you, Faithful Followers.

Thalia: We’ve  had a guest article.

Melpomene: Mm-hm.

Thalia: And we are the first darn thing to pop up on Google!

Melpomene: Ha! Wait  . . .  like, for anything?

Thalia: Pfft. No. Only when “Egotists Club” is searched.

Melpomene: Darn. We were about to be super awesome.

Thalia: The Magical Blog that appears everywhere?

Melpomene: Yes. Clearly, this needs to happen.

Thalia: Well, maybe  our coolness factor will make it happen once we reveal our latest achievement.

Melpomene: And this is . . . . . (drumroll please!)

Thalia: BEO-SEUSS!

Melpomene: A form of communication that derives meaning and weight from the sounds, rhythms and history of each word, and by carefully placing them in strategic opposition we evoke an experience of the entirety of language.

Thalia: Hwaet, dawg!

Melpomene: This one sentence alone has been hailed by critics as “the whole experience of the English-speaking people distilled into two words”.

Thalia: More poetry in alliterative stressed Old English meter!

Melpomene: My housemate, Ethelweard, apparently once wrote an Old English poem in which she refered to hedgehogs as “bristle-kittens”!

Thalia: BRISTLE-KITTENS!!! Awwwww!

Melpomene: Ahem. We must celebrate our accomplishments!

Thalia: Like, making it to the ripe old age of one year?

Melpomene: Exactically.

Thalia: Only . . . . we are a teeny bit late for our own birthday.

Melpomene: So says the person who has still not finished the Book Meme from last year.

Thalia: I blame life! Life got in the way o’ blogging! Also, trips o’ disaster.

Melpomene: Most likely. Grr. Argh.

Thalia: So. What do we do?

Melpomene: Mmmm . . . . how about an Unbirthday Party?

Thalia: As in, the Mad Hatter, and the celebration of Muchness?

Melpomene: Well, I prefer the Mad Hatter and the normal Carrolingian tale. Not the movie.

Thalia: Carroll? Normal?

Melpomene: Okay, as normal as a Jabberwocky.

Thalia: We will discuss our differences over that movie another time.

Melpomene: And at any rate, we Egotists do have a great deal of “muchness”!

Thalia: Yay us!

Melpomene: The point being, we shall celebrate our Unbirthday!

Thalia: All week!

Melpomene: A whole week of celebrations?

Thalia: And presents!

Melpomene: Ooh! I want a hedgehog!

Thalia: A . . .  what?

Melpomene: A teeny baby hedgehog! So. Darn. Cute!

Thalia: Awww! Adorable.

Melpomene: So if we get sent hedgehogs, I get to keep them, okay?

Thalia: If you insist.

Melpomene: I do.

Thalia: Fine. But I get to keep all da wittle kittens!

Melpomene: Perfect. We are agreed.

Thalia: Also, we will be posting interesting things. EVERY DAY. All week.

Melpomene: So this is more of a giving presents thing?

Thalia: Think of it as a Hobbit birthday. Or Unbirthday.

Melpomene: Lewis Carroll meets Tolkien!

Thalia: Haha! And this, Ladies and Gentlebeasts, is what we do.

Melpomene: Welcome to the Egotists Club.

Thalia: Happy Unbirthday!

How the Muses Party.


3 thoughts on “A Very Merry Unbirthday

  1. Happy happy unbirthday! My dear, radiant, effervescent gentleladies, your volubility not only astounds and delights me, but warms the very cockles of my heart. “Haet dawg!” may be the most electrifying new phrase to pass before my eyes. Commendable coining, thou cool Clubbers! I know not where my blog would be without you, but that ‘twould be a place desolate and drear.

  2. David, friend, we are only too glad to provide inspiration and color. What else are muses for?
    Also… we are tickled pink with Hwaet, dawg too…it always provides a giggle and seems to sum up a part of experience heretofore without expression. Say it often, spread it around!

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