The DJ in my brain is fired.

Just a quick follow up to the note about the disaster trip up north.

Apparently, the brain uses sleepy time to process things from the day. There’s research to support my college practice of reading things I had to know for a test the night before and sleeping on it. It does aid memory to read things right before bed. You mull it over.

If you have a really weird day, you can have really weird dreams. Like that time that the Dusty Thane dreamt that he was going to take out the town Vampires by riding stealthily in on wheelchairs with pitchforks. Or me dreaming my cat got out of a stranger’s car and ran off down some mountain being chased by an IT guy from my company.

After 11 hours in a car, clutching a rosary (another long story there. Lutherans need help with prayer routines too. Why reinvent the wheel?), and begging for mercy, clear roads and a coffee, my brain must have been in a strange place. When I lay down, my first thought was Kyrie. Then “Comfort every sufferer, watching late in pain…” then “Cooooooooooofort ye…”


Kyrieeeeeee yeeeee sufferer

Searchin for my lost shaker of salt

Watching late in pain

Some people claim there’s a woman to blame

Cooooomfooooort yeeee my people.

Into the side of his pretty little souped up four wheel drive

I carved my name into the leather seat!

Comfort every sufferer

(Shaker of Salt!)

watching late in pain


Those who plot some evil

(leather seat!)

From their sin restrain.






One thought on “The DJ in my brain is fired.

  1. Awww. My darling, don’t fire the poor DJ. I loved his mix! Although I might need you to sing it for me to get the full effect!

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