Birthday, birthday, birthday to you!

Our blog is a year old today!

Admittedly, I’ve only been posting on it for ~10 months, but abiding by such a starting point would be akin to declining to celebrate your best friend’s 24th birthday just because you only knew her starting at age 6.  Churlish and silly, I say!

If this were a family celebration back in the days of dot-matrix printers, I would use the original Print Shop program to make a banner saying “Ready for its day in the sun, the Egotist’s Club has now turned ONE!” with little cake-shaped icons on the end.  I would not have to tape the pages together because printer paper was already a long flowing paper chain.  Someday that knowledge will convince my children that I am very old more than any other history I’ve lived through.

This image from; I was amused to find that she used it as part of an 80’s party theme.

Were it a child’s birthday party, and were I insane, I would seek out themed plates, napkins, balloons, and party hats, right before taking the roof off Elostirion, which would violate the terms of our lease, so all in all I’m relieved that such is not the case.

Were the blog on Facebook, I would write “Felix dies natalis!  Ad multos annos!  Many, many happy returns of the day to you!” on its wall.

And were the blog a friend sitting beside me, I would raise a glass in a toast, despite the fact that a one-year-old friend would not, perhaps, have quite the constitution for it.

As it is, I shall post a picture of a project I made last night when “The Dirty Glass” wouldn’t leave my head.  Thus I announce both my existence and my determination to escape the grey-washed world of mediocrity, and practice using different nibs for the dreams to come: all of which is good, right, and salutary practice for an Egotist!


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