Egotists Abound

Whilst preparing for the Egotist’s First Birthday, my research has turned up an astounding fact.

We are not alone!

There is another egotistical society on the interwebs.

They go by the name “The Egotists Club“.

Shocking, I know.

For a full minute after these guys turned up on google, I gaped in horror. Then I screeched “NOOO! We will not tolerate imposters!

But I consoled myself with their lack of apostrophe. Note that our apostrophe makes the “s” in our name possessive. Our club belongs to the Egotists.

They . . .  do not have an apostrophe. They are merely club consisting of Egotists.

Ha! So there.

But when I girded my loins and waded in to see what this rival blog said, I was . . . .  surprisingly pleased. They seem like a smart, humorous, well-rounded set people.

They purport to be two brothers who go by the monikers of “K” and “C”.  They decry the mentioning of golf, fish, and – if the motion carries at the next meeting – wireless.

I am not particularly attached to golf or fish, and forbidding them in conversation seems endearingly whimsical, but the doing so prevents discussion on so much of the work of Wodehouse! This is a sad fact.

And while their club might be as established, or wise, or brilliant as ours, they are not completely antithetical to our pleasant society. Their discourse on Terry Pratchett is fairly enlightened, and they clearly read Good Things and think Good Thoughts and drink Good Drinks and enjoy Good Words.

So in all, I think we shall not declare war on them just yet.



10 thoughts on “Egotists Abound

      • Yeah, looks like your Pratchett comment got posted. No response as to our shared Egotism yet, though. I hope they do reply, as they seem like a nice sort of people.

      • It is now approved! We so rarely have comments that I don’t check with the conscientious frequency that I ought to have.

        Indeed, though not a regular reader, I was aware of this place before we opened our doors for business, so to speak. Despite the similarities and the possibility that we would be accused of biting your style, I thought the name was worth it. The sub-head comes, of course, from the description of The Egotists’ Club in the Dorothy Sayers story “The Abominable History of the Man with Copper Fingers”.

        Your kind forbearance in the matter of crying havoc is appreciated. I’ll have to visit more often to keep up good relations.

      • Huzzah!! I do love a good, horrific story of bad artists meeting their comeuppance, as well as a good-natured meeting of Sayers readers.

      • Re: Loder, who ends with copper fingers given that he is a wicked, murdering sort. And his statues are rather gaudy, it would seem.

        I suppose he’s just a singular sort of artist. Alack.

      • AHHH! I remember now. I had lost track of the subject, and though that that comment was referring to us. But yes, the creepy, deranged, copper-coating guy certainly comes under the heading of “bad artist”.

        Clearly, I need to reread the short stories. Although my favorite of those was always the one where Peter had to be identified by his impeccable wine palate.

  1. Hullohullohullohullohullo! All this is very well indeed. Modern Sayers fans do have to stick together. Even if it is incredibly awkward. Terpsichore knows the story, but it’s funny, so here you are. I was sitting in orchestra rehearsal with my beloved but taciturn, sarcastic and nearly rude conductor. He announced that there was an unpleasantness in the Bellona Club (the winds were out of tune) and I laughed in shock! He sneered at me, “what’s so funny?” “No one knows that book…” “Are you kidding, everyone reads Dorothy Sayers.” I shook my head and looked around. 87 confused orchestra members just staring at the conductor and a random first violin. “Oh….measure 87 please…”.

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