I waited decorously through Terpsichore’s birthday and past Christmas to give her family an opportunity to get that one thing, that one thing that would delight the hearts and minds of all. I claim the privilege! The Etymologicon has arrived at my doorstep, brought by the generous post. It is beautiful. It is a work of might and loveliness. Mark Forsyth, congratulations. You are the undisputed hero of this holiday season.

I must rhapsodize further.

The book is red and the cover gilt. It draws attention and widens eyes. It is easy to hold and densely packed with the little things of English that delight and entertain. It  smells good. The pages have character. The font is pleasing. These are the things that make book reading an eternal human delight. I haven’t tried to eat it, but I might, after I ask Terpsichore if it’s ok.

Best of all, my thirsty desire to know, to Know, to KNOW! is quenched, if momentarily at a fountain of peculiar facts.


Mark Forsyth, Apollo, accept a humble Muse’s praise. Musagetes, lead on. (and go have a bit of a dance and a drink. On us, if you’ll condescend to visit)


Apollon Musagete, Stravinsky/Ballanchine

More on this gorgeous ballet soon!





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