An Unapologetic Stance

Let it be known that I am not by nature drawn to politics. I do not watch them carefully, I do not discuss my position, I do not engage. This has been my luxury in a country with so much freedom that, on a day to day basis, I don’t even notice my government. It has been my privilege to ignore the quibbles and take a quiet, private stance on issues. My hand has been forced. I am not attempting here to turn this lovely blog into a political forum fraught with bickering and backstabbing and all the ungentlemanly, fallacious foul play that occurs when politics is introduced into a conversation. But I can no longer afford to be silent; I have to take a stand.

The trigger to this is Facebook and Yahoo! news. They are separate issues, but have effected the same result. I am fired up enough to admit to my political convictions. I would like to believe that “they” have made a powerful enemy, but we shall see. I’m fighting mad, emphasis on the fighting bit.

Time to admit my background. I’m from Wisconsin (GO PACK, GO!) and I am employed and trained in the Arts. My facebook friends are very talented musicians, artists, and actors from Wisconsin (for the most part). You see where this is going. My facebook feed is littered with “Another reason I celebrate when I wake up and Obama is President”.  Jack “Recall Walker” Smith. Collecting signatures. Occupy, Occupy, Occupy. I didn’t really pay much attention to this, knowing my friends are from time immemorial, inclined to be … bohemian…but over Christmas break, I asked my Dad what on earth was so daggone bad about Scott Walker. I just looked up his website, moments ago. He’s brilliant! He’s reasonable! He has a plan to make Wisconsin prosperous! A truly progressive thinker, he advocates lower taxes, less red tape, opting out of ObamaCare. He has a positive attitude and is trying to put Wisconsin back on track to be an economical giant, like Texas and South Dakota. WHAT can my friends find to dislike about him?! I’m going public with my support any minute now.

The other rankling thing is Yahoo! news. I am not so docile that I swallow their clever plan. They are trying to pick the GOP candidate for us!  “Romney rival’ offensive fails” “GOP race could be drawing to a close” “Is it over?” Why are we allowing social media to decide for us? I am infuriated that Yahoo! would presume to make the call for the GOP. Thank you, but we will decide for ourselves.  And frankly, Mitt Romney is far from what I am looking for from a presidential candidate. For an enemy strategy, well done, Yahoo!. Pick the candidate least likely to draw unqualified support, the easiest to beat, the tractable one and stand beside him. I refuse to accept the candidate preferred by my enemies.

Time to leave my warm closet. I am a radical conservative; socially and fiscally. Join me! It is the wave of the future.



3 thoughts on “An Unapologetic Stance

  1. Pleased to make your acquaintance. I found your blog through Facebook.

    “Praised be the well-ordered state! […] Of all forms of government, the monarchical is the best. More than any other form of government, it encourages and protects the secret fancies and the innocent follies of private persons. Only democracy, the most tyrannical form of government, obligates everyone to positive participation, about which the societies and general assemblies of our day are already reminding us often enough. Is it tyranny that one person wants to rule and then lets all the rest of us be free? No, but it is tyranny that all want to rule, and on top of that want to obligate everyone to participate in the government, even the person who most urgently declines to take part in the government.”–Søren Kierkegaard (writing under a pseudonym), Concluding Unscientific Postscript (1846)

    I thought that this quote might amuse you. If I could vote for a king, I might do that and have done with it. As it is, I’ll keep watching that scene in The Unforgiven, when English Bob spells out the difference between a president and a king, and laughing to myself a wry little chortle.

    Then I’ll take part and vote for my candidate.

    • I do find that entertaining! I am not a monarchist, and I do value participatory nature of the republic set in place by the Founding Fathers (FF, for short? dare I?) but I take great exception to the devolution of that system into the democracy of Loud People that we have today. It is a cruel and exhausting tyranny. It is also not the system set in place by Men Much Wiser than We (MMWW, is that any better than FF?) and I resent the folly of those who believe their own puny minds to be superior than theirs. GRRR! The Swine!

  2. I hear you on that. There is no doubt that the FF were better educated than most of our politicians today, and there is little doubt in mind that they were better men ethically, too.

    If there is a chance for an upswing in our political proceedings, then it might come only through an ethics of shame, or so Homer scholars call it, and that is an exciting idea. The liberal side is highly motivated by seeming respectable–about the environment, about the standard of living, about energy, about the education system, about the prison system, about interrogation, about infrastructure, about the budget, and so on and so forth, in the eyes of Europe and the world. Scandal makes all of the headlines.

    Which is not to say that no liberal does anything unseemly. But if conservatives can study rhetoric (like a traditional education would require), and if they can keep their noses clean, then there is a major inroad, a grand boulevard, into their side, so that we, all of us, can politically advance as a people. We can raise the skill of political discourse but also its tenor and substance.

    And conservatives that argue in this way may still have to shout.

    But appeal to a value that the opposing side already holds, and show how conservative values and not liberal values line up with it, if they do align, and liberals will have little choice. Even if a person does not for himself or herself value others’ respect, the person still won’t want to be shamed.

    But they do align, don’t they? Or else we’re in for some even darker times.

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