A Collection of Oddments Occasioned by Paper Writing

At this time of the semester, it becomes increasingly pressing to amuse myself with anecdotes and ridiculousity.  Here are a few related to my current Paradise Lost paper.


Today I found myself blessing the efforts of myself and a fellow paper writer with, “May the Muse smile upon you.”  Which was naturally followed by this little exchange between myself and my own Muse:

“I always smile upon you.”

“But sometimes it’s a smile that says ‘You sweet mad thing.'”

“You didn’t specify.”


One of the sources for my paper is an article from a scholarly journal.  I downloaded the PDF of the appropriate pages, and the first page contains the final three footnotes of the preceeding paper in the journal.

One is a summary of a portion of the “Dick Wittington and His Cat” story detailing the cat’s rat hunting services to the King of the Moors, and the King’s subsequant generous reward.

The next is a citation to Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe.

And the last directs the reader to a book called The True Story of Dick Wittington: A Christmas Story for Cat-lovers for an example of something pertaining to the text.

I really want to know what this paper is about now!  I’ll have to see if a little sleuthing can turn up the whole thing.


My Milton paper topic has me alternately singing the Beatles’ “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and quoting the Princes Bride: “Man and wife!  Say man and wife!”


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