The Great Story Challenge

We, the Muses of the Egotist’s Club, are required every so often to put ourselves through certain exercises and disciplines to make sure that we stay sharp.

Also, to ensure that we keep our reputation as Egotists we must use the pressure of the posting to keep ourselves on track.

Therefore, in the spirit of sharing and practising, I suggest . . .

The Great Story Challenge

Taking the idea of the challenge from our book challenge, we shall take some time to explore different styles of story-telling.

The set up is as such –

A: The Story

Each participant writes a short Short Story.

Preferably with certain prerequisite  material to work into the story, like a toupee, an explosion, and a mailman. And possibly Italian mobsters. Or turtles.

This is a part where you may offer suggestions about what should be included. We might harken to your advice.

B: The Twist

As time goes by, we shall rewrite the story according to certain genres.

Using the same original plot line and characters, the story must be made into a comedy, (a la Wodehouse, or any other style of choice!) or a lyric poem, or an epic narrative, or a Greek tragedy, or an angsty teenage novella.

Again, if you have any suggestions about genre that you want to see, name them and we shall see what happens!

This is primarily a writing exercise, to stretch ourselves to write in different styles without worrying over much about the plot or development. And also to amuse ourselves. Because making the same characters fit new and unusual functions can be quite fun.

(That is why it should be a short Short Story, so that we do not kill ourselves each week trying to rewrite a 10 page thing. But actual length is up to the author, however long a story she feels like writing and rewriting!)

So, what ideas do you have to throw at us?


One thought on “The Great Story Challenge

  1. Query: have you begun work on this? I came up with a plot, a plotty mcplot of sorts, and even spent some time pondering how it would be stretched into some different genres. But goodness gracious me, I have trouble starting. I can’t figure out how to write the dialogue or where in media res is a good spot.

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