The Jaguar of Your Mountain

Part 3 of several

When I was thirteen, I ran across this, a translation of yesterday’s verse, in a National Geographic article about jaguars.  It struck me, perhaps the only part of the article to do so, such that I wrote it out (in lavender gel pen on a teal Post-It note) and pinned it to my corkboard (which artifact I attempted to find so as to show it here, but evidently I threw it out sometime in the past decade – the Post-It, not the corkboard).

A few years back, I tried and failed to find the poem online, but my latest attempts have been more successful.  I’d wanted to do something with it, and decided last year that if possible, I wanted to combine calligraphy with the jaguar’s profile – hence yesterday’s post and today’s.

I would like to be the jaguar of your mountain
and take you to my dark cave
Open your chest there
and see if you have a heart.

4 thoughts on “The Jaguar of Your Mountain

  1. While the text of the poem I find just a bit morbid and creepifying, you’ve done a good job forcing it into a feline shape. It’s particularly interesting that the spine and tail form a coherent thought, although they’re part of two different lines.

    • My dear fellow, songs *are* poems. I consistently refer to it as a “poem” instead of a “song” because I was unable to find any sound or video files of anyone singing it, and therefore could only examine it as poetry rather than music. Do you know how the song goes? I would be delighted to learn it.

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