Gato de la Selva

Part 2 of Several

Yo quiero ser jaguar de tus montañas,
arrastrarte a mi propia madriguera
para abrirte las entrañas
y ver si tienes corazón siquiera!

This project was inspired (in part) by the practice of Arabic zoomorphic calligraphy, which Google brought to my attention in the midst of my search for something else.  The Roman alphabet is more rigid than Arabic script, but having very little knowledge of Arabic I’ve determined to do what I can with the alphabet I know.  Obviously the word order gets a bit difficult to follow in the jaguar shape, and the letters shift around a fair amount; this is my third or fourth iteration, and though it’s not perfect, I wanted to share it.


3 thoughts on “Gato de la Selva

  1. ¡Es fantástico ver versos en castellano en este blog! Las aliteraciones de la “r” de jaguar en arrastrarte, madriguera, abrirte and entrañas le dan una fuerza increíble.
    (The “g” of madriguera seems to be missing. If you are planning for more versions maybe you can add it)

    • ¡Me alegro que te gusta el verso! Supongo que gozarás las entradas que viene…
      Estoy de acuerdo contigo; la poema tiene tanto…poder.
      (Alas, yes it is. Not merely the “g,” but the “u” with it! And if it’s not the gu of madriguera, it’s the “e” of quiero or the “u” of siquiera…hence my noting that I wanted to post it despite its imperfections. Eventually I will do a version without scribal errors!)

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