Coffee the Beautiful

This post is dedicated to Thalia and all the days when she works later than 5:00 PM…

…not without apologies to Katharine Lee Bates and Samuel A. Ward.

O beautiful for bev’rage dark,
for caffeine in my cup,
For Venezuelan majesty
whose fruit I may drink up!
O coffee mine!  O coffee mine!
God give thee grace to be
Elixir sweet for all who meet
and work hours after three!

O beautiful for gatherers
who labor o’er the trees
who gather up the berries red,
which shall show forth the beans!
Arabica!  Canephora!
May sorting treat thee well
and show thee clean in every bean
that thou may all taste swell!

O beautiful for roaster’s art
which darkens every bean,
which gives the berry’s darkened heart
an aromatic sheen!
O roasteries!  O roasteries!
May cupping of your brew
reveal a blend we apprehend
as lovely, good, and true!

O beautiful for coffeepots
across the nation wide,
and quickly drunk espresso shots,
concoctions yet untried!
O coffee bean!  O coffee bean!
May God be praised above
who gave you us, magnanimous
in daily proofs of love!


7 thoughts on “Coffee the Beautiful

  1. How tastily patriotic of you! I shall try to remember this as I drink my Sunday coffee tomorrow (the only time I really drink coffee at all, besides Thursday night’s Bible study…)

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