Book Meme: ‘Psichore’s Day Thirty

The Book Meme Challenge: Your favorite book of all time

As you might well expect, my mind and my words are divided.

The first answer
It is folly to even think I could pick a favorite, if for no other reason than the fact that one cannot judge the whole before one has seen the whole – and well might I believe that I have not already met with all the books that I shall meet through the remainder of my life, however long or short it may be.  Were I to pick one of the books I have encountered already, that choice might come to look like folly later on.  Have you not yet learned enough from the posts you have already seen?

The second answer

These are a few (which is to say, just over a hundred…forgive me for stretching the word past breaking point) of my favorite books.  Several should be recognizable from the past month; those that weren’t mentioned prior may prove fodder for later posts.

The third answer
Well has it been said that “all time” eventually excludes all outside the inspired Word of God.  Look here.

And now I bid May its last and official adieu, and go my way for other friends, friends fallen of all the wide world’s ends.  Thank you for reading, and please pardon all my indecision!


6 thoughts on “Book Meme: ‘Psichore’s Day Thirty

  1. Temeraire is the new Harry Potter. The first book is 200 pages, please try it. Also, read Little Bee, it’s also 200 pages.

  2. Beautiful stacks of books there — I am viewing the full size photo right now and reading the titles. Hmm…Ender’s Game; heard great things about it, haven’t gotten to it yet. Anglo-Saxon dictionary, very vital, wish I had one myself. Strunk and White, yes, haha. There’s a Collected Works of C.S. Lewis? Fantastic! Has it everything he wrote, or just selections? And how is Peter and the Starcatchers? I’m still haven’t gotten to the original Peter Pan yet, but I’m both excited and worried at the prospect of sequels not by Barry. Politically Correct Holiday Stories, now that sounds interesting. YES Calvin and Hobbes! And some beautiful Tolkien hardbacks too, I see. Excellent, excellent, truly admirable. (Appropriately, “The Return of hte King” song from the same soundtrack just came on my iTunes shuffle.)

    Just those shelves alone have many of the books I have vowed to read sometime, but simply haven’t yet. Keep plugging them so I don’t forget!

    • Aren’t they? I am a bit mad about photographing my books. Ender’s Game is a must-read (and, for me, a re-read and re-read). The Collected Works of CSL book contains The Pilgrim’s Regress, Christian Reflections (a collection of essays), and God in the Dock (a different collection of essays). Admittedly the volume is on the shelf of favorites even though I haven’t read all the essays in it. I shall have to get on that! But yeah, it only has those three things in it. Can you imagine everything he wrote fitting in that relatively tiny volume? You saw my CSL collection on Day 13! Not to mention the three hefty volumes of his letters (which I don’t own yet, but shall one day).

      Peter and the Starcatchers was rather good, although it certainly has a different flavor from JM Barrie’s story (not to be confused with Dave Barry’s story). As I recall, they’re not sequels, but not quite prequels. That is, Peter and the Starcatchers explains a bit about where the Lost Boys came from and how Peter can fly and such (somewhat different from Barrie’s explanations), and then Peter and the Shadow Thieves takes Peter to London because of an evil being there.

      Haha…atop Politically Correct Holiday Stories is Once Upon a More Enlightened Time – both ridiculous and fun.

      Have you a camera? I would love to see what’s on your shelves!

      • I have a camera! And batteries that go inside it! And batteries that are charged to replace the ones I just put inside that weren’t charged!

        Well, to answer your query, I have updated with some photos of my bookshelves. Just to give you an idea. These do not include the books I snatch from my sister’s shelves or from my dad’s shelves.

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