Book Meme: Mel’s Day Twenty-Five

Book Meme Challenge:

A Character To Whom You Can Relate to the Most

Who am I most like? Who do I most admire? Who do I wish to be? Who can I see as my family? There are various ways of interpreting this challenge. I shall try to wrap them all up in one.

Anne Eliot is the character that I most admire and wish that I could be like. Unfortunately, I am not nearly as patient or accepting as Anne; had I her family I would have thrown a fit and stalked out.

Harriet Vane I like, but I have absolutely nothing in common with her.

Lucy Pevensie is adorable, but I am a too old to consider her as anything but a little sister.

Judith, Eilonwy, Taran, Susan the grand-daughter of Death, Rosalind, Beatrice, Benedick, Aragorn, Eomer, Sonya, Isabel Archer are all great characters.

But the literary person with whom I feel the most connected and familiar, is

Sophie Hatter

from Howl’s Moving Castle

My experience of life is not in very similar to Sophie’s: I am not exploited, I am not cursed by th Witch of the Waste, I do not have magical powers, I do not hobnob with fire demons, and I am not in love in a vain, cowardly, selfish, and attractive Wizard. (At least as far as I know.)

However, Sophie is an oldest child. As am I.

She does have an exaggerated sense of responsibility for everything and everyone. I feel the need to protect and care for everyone who is in my presence.

As soon as she is turned into an old lady without care for the world she becomes nosy and bossy. (Not that I am an old lady quite yet, – give me a few more years – but my mannerisms and attitudes undergo strange and freeing adjustments whenever I pretend that I am old and carefree. I usually become obnoxiously curious and dogmatic. Sorry.)

So all those are things to which I can easily relate.

And, Sophie is pretty cool. She is flawed and silly and sometimes oblivious of things that concern her. But she honestly caring, loving, thoughtful, and hard-working.

She is not a nearly perfect person. Sophie has a temper, and fails to think things through, and likes to be stubbornly independent. And she cleans house constantly. Which is a most annoying character flaw.

But she loves wholeheartedly. She takes her responsiblity and applies it wisely. She has the clear sight to see a fire demon. She has a devastating humility that nearly gets her and Howl killed. She has an interior cohesiveness that allows her to age 60 years without to much damage to her sense of self, and makes that change into a kind of freedom.

Sophie Hatter knows who she is, even though she has to be thrust out of her shyness and into the adventurous world. And she has the power to give life to things. She is a healer, a grower.

Which area ll things that I feel called to by both personality and vocation. I do not think  that I could be like Anne Eliot, as much as want to be. But I can be like Sophie. I hope.

Or maybe adopt her as a sister-friend.


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