Book Meme: Mel’s Day Twenty-Four

Book Meme Challenge:

A Book You Wish More People Would Read

The Catechism. I would recommend the awesomely organized and thoughtful and thorough Catechism of the Catholic Church, but I understand if non-Catholics are hesitant to do so. Other churches have catechisms as well. It is important for me to have some idea not just of the WHAT that I believe, but the WHY, and that is what the Catechism does. It helps to give a simple basis to understanding and belief. Even for people who are searching for or exploring their faith and are resistant to an already established system, examining a basic structure and logical lay-out is a good place to start.

But aside from that . . .

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare can be entertaining, clever, hilarious, witty, lively, heartbreaking, socially and politically acute, and an exquisite painter of humanity.

Robert Browning says that the purpose of art is to teach us to see and love what we have passed oft times before and never saw. The most poignant and perfect example of this has to be the work of Shakespeare.

In a small space, one that could be performed in 2 to 4 hours, Shakespeare can present a tale that amuses, touches, provokes thought, and provides a moment of realization.

Aristotle says that tragedy is the perfect dramatic form; all action directed to an end that provides perfect catharsis. They show how even heroes are human. Shakespeare’s tragedies do display this quality, but his comedies and histories seem to have a similar perfection: each reveals a side of human nature and human struggles.

And Shakespeare is accessible to any person, almost regardless of education or interest. He is fascinating, brilliant, thoughtful, amusing, quick, and easily finished. As near perfection as any mortal writer can be!


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