Book Meme: Mel’s Day Twenty-Two

Book Meme Challenge:

Supposedly Favorite Book that I Own,
Actually Favorite Book from Those Currently Occupying my Nightstand 

I do not believe that the makers of this challenge realized just how many books we Muses own.

When I made the move across country, my little sedan held more books that clothes and furniture . . . put together. (Alright, that is a slight exaggeration. But more than each separately.) I do not have enough bookshelves, so my books are stacked along the edges of bedroom.

And I keep getting more: I wander into Half-Price Books meaning to just grab that one copy that  I need for class, and meander back out with at least three other books. It is like a bad habit. Except . . .  it is a good habit?

Anyway, how can just one be the favorite? (Also, is it not likely that the “All-Time Favorite” of the final day will be owned?)

Adjustment of paradigms are in order.

So, of the books that are on my nightstand right now, my favorite is

An Ideal Husband

by Oscar Wilde

The wit, the charm, the quick action, the marvelously convoluted schemes, the sharp characters, the social satire, the hilarity!

This is one of Wilde’s more humorous and happy stories.

All the nice people end well, and the nasty people fade away. Each character is capable of snarky repartee and is absolutely delightful.

While the contrast of  expectations and marriages does not quite offer much advice beyond the secular common sense of “don’t idealize a human being to be like a god,” it does inspire some thought on the nature and purpose of marriage.

There are balls, intrigues, plots, and loves.

And quips: “Fashion is what on wears oneself. Unfashionable things are what other people wear.” “I love talking about nothing about nothing. It’s the only thing I know anything about!”

Really, if you have not read any Wilde, it is difficult to communicate the comedy, wit and power of his satire. And if you have read him, there is nothing more that can be said.

Except, “Oooh! Let’s perform this!”


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