Day 8: Most Over rated Book

There are a lot of books that have been recommended me that I found to be sub par, but the one that really got me….

The one that irritated me the most. Ready? Adam of the Road. Supposedly EVERY kid reads it. I guess its this classic thing that every kid reads. I threw it across the room in boredom and disgust within moments. I wanted gripping prose, I wanted High Romance, I wanted adventure and danger and ADJECTIVES.

But you see, I had already read The Black Arrow, which is all that, and so much more. Now, the Black Arrow uses this quasi middle English. It is spicy with verbiage. Danger, betrayal and the Wars of the Roses! Forget young troubadours who wander. Frail plot.

So…today’s over rated book… Adam of the Road.


4 thoughts on “Day 8: Most Over rated Book

  1. Also, just to be the Devil’s advocate for this book I’ve never heard of…if you threw it across the room in moments, how do you know there weren’t adjectives or gripping prose later on? 😛

  2. Well, it was rather boring. And I do not thin I learned anything about Medieval life from it, other than the general lack of hygiene.

    Also, I just realized what book I should have used for this: ELSIE DINSMORE!!! Worst book EVER! And yet pushed by Evangelical homeschoolers everywhere! That book I literally threw out the window. And then wanted to burn.

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