Day 7: Most Under rated book

For the record, ladies and gents, I have no reliable weekend internet. So here stand I, behind again.

Of all of these prompts, I have to say, this is the most difficult for me. Never have I thought “Aw, come on guys, that book was awesome! You are all cretinous philistines to deny it!” In some ways, I think this may be a reflection of my predisposition to capitulate. I tend to avoid strong opinions on anything that is not a matter of eternal life and death. This means that I find a way to agree with anything except heresy. Probably bad, but it makes me very pleasant and socially successful…

Anyway, I tried to cull answers from my colleagues and that was interesting. The Gardner said “Green Eggs and Ham!”. The Irishman contributed “Hop on Pop”. The Cheerful One saith “Ummmm….”. Quoth the Boss “That depends…”

Lotta help they turned out to be.

So what is this to be, then. Ah! I have it, the after lunch lightbulb!

I think that a very under rated book (due to being practically unknown) is the original

The Sound of Music

by the real Maria von Trapp.

Before the musical or the movie, there was this gentle autobiography. Mrs. von Trapp calmly tells the story of her wild youth, her conversion, attempts at convent life…all the love of the family she found. Her tale of escape across the alps and into america involves no less singing than the movie does. When they got to the US., they almost immediately began touring and concertizing to make money. They bought a hearse (!) and went about re-hearsing (no pun intended, but there is no other word) with the windows down.

The story of Maria learning English is adorable. One time, she was translating directly from German and instead of saying “Ah well, the spirit is willing but the body is weak”, she said “Ach, the ghost is willing but the meat is soft.”

As you see, entertaining. It is also a beautiful tribute to the calm clarity of Faith.


3 thoughts on “Day 7: Most Under rated book

  1. I now remember my midnight plan. I was going to say that the most under rated book was Dante’s Purgatorio. Well, that argument is for another day.

  2. Ooh, good good choice! Although it is actually “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers”. I did love this book, for it’s humor and beautiful pathos. Like when Maria as in the hospital and George bought her a turtle . . . or her terror of escalators. This book is AWESOME!

    Dante’s Purgatoria, hmm? Who under rates it? Also, I thin that I had a different book planned for this day as well, only I do not remember at all . . .

    • I don’t think people consciously under rate Purgatorio. I think people over look it in the careening love of the Inferno. And they should not.

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