Thalia catches up. Day 1

A lot of time in a year, I just realized. Trying to think of the best book I’ve read in the last year, I am drawn up short. This year spans 12 months! I’ve read so many books since last May. Mostly Agatha Christie I think, since I’ve been studying demonstrations of the Christian world view in her extensive literature.

It has been a good year for reading. Melpomene gave me my first Terry Pratchett (Men at Arms) in July. When I started reading, I was very confused. About 80 pages later, I laughed out loud, and I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

But that’s not the best book I’ve read this year. As usual, my little brother has read more than I have, and keeps a sort of reading list for his family members. When I visited him in the fall, he handed me a Stephen King novel and said I should read it.

“Are you kidding me?” I said “You know what happens when I read stuff like that”

“No, but really, this isn’t pooky.” He and my mother say ‘poooooky’ when they mean ‘spooky’. It’s cute.

“Not at ALL pooky? cuz you know I have to cuddle kitty cats when I read pooky things.”

“Well, it’s not pooky, and you have a cat.”

“Well, I’ll give it a chance.”

I gave it a chance, reading it in my oversized chair by my sliding glass window during a massive thunderstorm. The ambiance was perfect.

Did you know that Stephen King had written a fairy tale? Read Eyes of the Dragon. It is a beautiful yarn, written in grand old style, full of chivalry, resourcefulness, evil, good and heroics. Truly a Romance in the traditional sense.

I’d rather not tell you more. You should go read it! It will only take a few hours on a rainy day. 


2 thoughts on “Thalia catches up. Day 1

  1. Stephen King has surprised me a few times. I generally don’t like horror, so a vast swathe of his fiction is immediately not to my liking. The big exception was his short story “N”, which is very Lovecraftian (and delightfully scary as a result). In other stories he proved himself a fairly tender romantic, even! But yeah, it seems he’s written a bunch of more straightforward fantasy too. Eventually I might try his Gunslinger series, but that one is so darn long, and, I hear, on the depressing side. This recommendation of yours, however, I will add to my list!

  2. My brother (the vaunted sibling) is a huge fan of the Gunslinger series. He keeps recommending it, but of course, in winter, there are no thunderstorms for reading through.
    “Dragon” here, is a short sweet read. Shouldn’t be too big a commitment. You’ll love the romantic escape from the tower. The courage! The resourcefulness! The devotion!

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