Book Meme: Home stretch catching up. Day 3

Admitting this now….my brother is obviously a strong influence in my life. Well, he did his job well. He taught me to play, to laugh, to smoke pipes, drink whiskey, play pool and love action movies. His taste in literature defined mine. Awwww. Shucks.

So when we were small (er), Mommie used to read out loud to us.  We also really loved going to antique stores to find books that we could use for school. Honestly, we sometimes had allergic reactions to the books, but we did love the hunt. Then we’d read the books in the evening. Our favorite author for many years was G.A. Henty. Henty wrote many many boy’s books in the 1800’s. They feature major historical events as seen through the eyes of a young hero who usually rises from a modest home to great fame and fortune (never forgetting his mother and sisters and/or crippled father in his rise). To be sure, they are formulaic. That doesn’t stop the stirring tales from being very…stirring!

We must own a dozen of these and have read or borrowed a dozen more. They were such a very fun way to learn about history. I used to crochet or quilt while Dylan and Dad played sniper. Ask me about sniper sometime. It was a good game. 


2 thoughts on “Book Meme: Home stretch catching up. Day 3

  1. I only read a few Henty books, but I did love them. Particularly “The Young Cartheginian”.

    What is sniper?

  2. The name sounds vaguely familiar — I’ll add him to my “To Read” list. Sounds like I would’ve enjoyed these stories when I was younger, and that I may even enjoy them now!

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