Fashion Flash: Wedding Dress of Glory

I never ever thought that I would take time to comment on popular culture, especially not something as peripheral to my consciousness as fashion.

To be honest, I was not even aware that the Huge Dealio of a Royal Wedding was happening today. My reaction to any news of  royal families – or any celebrities really – is usually  “Oh for goodness sake, let them have some privacy!!!”

But suddenly photos of a wedding dress started to crop up all over facebook.

And I fell in love.

Directly inspired by Princess Grace, this dress has to be one of the most beautiful wedding dresses I have ever seen. (And as my room-mate is engaged and keeps issues of “Bride Magazine” around the house, I have been looking at quite a few wedding dresses lately.)

This dress is elegant, simple, graceful and in an exquisite taste. Compare to Princess Di’s monstrosity of a dress below, and note how Princess Catherine’s dress is much more likely to withstand the test of time.

Moreover, Princess Catherine’s dress is modest! Not that I am a modesty-freak, but most dresses that are strapless or revealing  tend to be unflattering even on ‘perfect figures,’ and usually make the bride look cheap. Besides, covering up keeps the mystery alive. Princess Catherine knows not to put all her goods in the store window.

Also, I adore lace. And simple lines. And flowing skirts. And beautiful fabrics. This dress has it all.

This dress is so beautiful that it is sure to be imitated. And that might actually make me try to succumb to fashionable trends. Ah! What are my careless indie-sensibilities going to do?

So Princess Catherine just joined my fashion icons of Grace Kelly and Zoe Deschanel. Feast your eyes on this gorgeousness!


4 thoughts on “Fashion Flash: Wedding Dress of Glory

  1. She has been one of my fashion icons since she started turning up in the vogue type things…years already. Also note how calm and happy she looks. Very much the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

    • She does look peaceful and graceful. She seems like she will be an excellent princess. And yet she manages to look as glowingly happy as any normal bride. She is truly beautiful!

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