Artist’s Sketchbook #2

Part of my effort to avoid cliches involved finding out what cliches exist first.  I could read a great mass of books, well- or poorly-written, to hunt them out…or I could use Google.  Part of my soul weeps that I chose the latter, for surely a little bit of my humanity perishes every time I give my searching over to a computer…but the rest of my soul rejoices that I have saved a lot of time for Other Good Pursuits by wielding the tool given me (and points out that at the very least, I wielded it effectively enough).

So.  “shining like (a/an)” and “shine like (a/an)” went into Google, and as only five suggestions fill in the search bar at a time, I elected to put in each letter of the alphabet in succession so as to widen the nets.

Most of the results seem to come from various songs, new and old:

shining like a/an
angel, arclight, beacon, bright new star, candle, crystal, chandelier, diamond, fool’s moon, flowering tree, firework over your sad empty town, glow stick, lamp, lighthouse, light, melody, million stars, national guitar, new dime, new star, new diamond, pearl, red rubber ball, rainbow, setting sun, silver flame, silver lining, shooting star, shaded sun, stars, superstar, sun, treasure, work of art.

shine like a/an
burning star (falling from the sky), butterfly, blazing fire, beacon, crazy diamond, crystal all through the night, camera obscura, candle in the dark, day, dawn, diamonds, future, fire, gold, glitter, glow worm, glass, hail, heaven, Hollywood, halo, halogen, it does, justice, jewel, Keyshia, lamps, lights, lighthouse, me, mad, Morrissey on Hennessy on Christmas eve, moon, morning star, million, mine, melody, new pin, patent, plutonic lab, pearl upon ocean, rock star, real diamonds, reflections on the water, shark teeth, shoes, sheen, shooting star, stars in the universe, shook foil, sun, us, an ultraviolet light, world, woman, window to your heart, you do, you sell bricks.

Fascinating.  I have not yet listened to enough Paul Simon to discover what it means to shine like a national guitar, and I am suddenly given to wonder about bricksellers and their luminosity.  I will suggest that you not Google “Morrissey on Hennessy,” as it cannot prove very edifying to you.  Instead, Google “shook foil,” even if you recognize Hopkins when you see him.

Meanwhile, I have done my level best to look at some different shiny things.

It shines like fields of snow at noon, or the aurora borealis,
the most brilliant of clouds and bluest of skies,
as the ice of a glacier,
as the pale flower in a patch of moonlight.

There is shining as of an empty page,
as shards of the mirror of Shalott,
the jewels of a scepter, a crown,
and a sword held high,
under the lantern on that lofty ship.

Brighter than adamant,
hematite or chrysolite,
than polished marble,
ivory, ebony, or piano keys…

Shining like the faces of the righteous,
or the gleaming eyes of the wicked,
wine in the cup or the bottom of the bottle,
like watchfires on the hills,
like victory.

And this shines forth like a glowing coal,
the face of Moses
and seraphs hid behind all their many wings,
like Christ’s clothes,
the pillar of fire,
God’s countenance upon us.


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