Artist’s Sketchbook #1

Somewhere along the line, some folks gathered this collection of analogies.  Though it is labelled “Bad Analogies,” it typically garners a positive response from the people I know.  I suppose we could characterize them as effective, if awkward or unwieldy.  They stand very nicely on their own, and so I suspect they’re only billed as “bad” because we can’t easily imagine paragraphs where they’d fit in neatly.

Anyway, I suppose that doesn’t have much to do with this exercise, as this exercise is more of a fight against cliches.  Nor will I claim that the fight is anywhere near successful.  I can only claim that, as the prizefighter spends some time throwing punches at a weighted bag, I have spent some time throwing words at my lighted screen.

There was darkness
black as ink,
as of space,
or caves, or tunnels,
charcoal, pitch and tar,
beetle-backs and hooded eyes
fur of bears, dark noses,
panthers and jaguars,
umbrellas and funeral garb,
as Lenten vestments,
on Good Friday,
where the door remains shut.

Some like it hot –
hot like ghillies, like dancing shoes.
Hot like a foil-wrapped potato plucked from the fire, like parking lots in sunny summers (with bare feet off the yellow lines), like the old-fashioned light that crams 40 watts into an inch and a half-long bulb,
like the fluctuating water in a friend’s shower upon its inaugural use.
It was hot like roasted chestnuts, which honestly says little to one who’s never had them, but I hear they burn your fingers if you’re not careful.  They still beat out cold chestnuts.


One thought on “Artist’s Sketchbook #1

  1. Ahh! I am seeing what you mean. Although yours are much more poetic than I was expecting. Beautiful and thoughtful and fun all at once!

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