Saintly Superpowers

The scene: PEACHY is sitting listening to Celtic music on Pandora.  Gaelic Storm’s “Floating the Flambeau” has just begun.

Me:  Hmm…is this “Tornado Alley”?  Or… “The Salt Lick.”
Peachy:  Looks like “Floating the Flambeau.”
Me:  Ohhh, okay.
Peachy:  How do you float a flambeau?
Me:  By being a saint.
Peachy:  Whaaat?
Me:  I don’t know; all I can think of is Elisha and the floating axe-head.
Peachy:  But…isn’t a flambeau on fire?
Me:  Well, right…so you have to be an extra-cool saint.  Like Moses and Elisha mixed together!

(There is a chance that the song title refers to a certain brand of fishing lure.  But really, that is way less fun than a fiery torch floating about.)

(I suppose one might categorize both Moses and Elisha as prophets, but I suppose part of me hopes that God might grant prophet-powers to his saints as well.)


5 thoughts on “Saintly Superpowers

  1. Great song! I always wanted to get Holy just so I could bi-locate. Or levitate. Which really isn’t Holy of me at all.

  2. Sneaky Joe WOULD bilocate…

    (ergo, all saints are sneaky? All sneaky folk are saints? Joe is a saint? Either way, this is a great boon to your deaf-squeaking thief, Thalia)

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