This Just In

A Pimm’s Cup without a slice of cucumber for garnish might well be mistaken for an Old Fashioned…particularly if the consumer has already had enough to start calling out Mulcaster (that old sponge and toady, lurking among the hobbledehoys) for not repaying the 300 francs lent him for the poor drab in the casino…

Pimms Cup!Whiskey Old Fashioned
Pimm’s Cup                                  is not = Old Fashioned

A niggardly sum for her trouble, and what a trouble, Mulcaster.  Come up and pay me, poor hooligan!


5 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. Yum-yum! One, two, three, four, down the red lane they go!

    Weren’t those Alexander cocktails?

    What is an Alexander cocktail?

    What are most of the cocktails in that book?

    Now I am sorely tempted to write a piece on “Wine-tasting with Sebastian”!

  2. Yum-yum indeed! For an Alexandria Cocktail is a 1:1:1 ratio of gin, cream, and creme de cacao.

    As for other cocktails, I cannot say; I recall champagne, wine, Chartreuse (“like swallowing a spectrum”), and more champagne later on. Possibly there was something rather stiff so as to make the Consumptive and Death’s-Head more tolerable…

    If you write about Wine-Tasting with Sebastian, I will be forced to write about my tendency to quote Anthony Blanche as much as possible during those times when I’ve made too free with Sir John Strawberry.

  3. Oh dear, I’d have to memorize “The Waste-Land” first.

    …so I’ll let you know when I’ve done so…and you can get me a foghorn 😀

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