I wonder why there are so many short men in the world.

I am tall, for a woman, but not really all THAT tall, after all. I can reach the top shelves, but not see over the refrigerator. Ok, I like heels and wear them as a hobby and that is maybe a bit “overly tall”, but I mean to say, really! Why are there so many short men in the world!

By rights, according to Modern America, I should be dating a handsome man with perfect teeth who stands a head taller than me in my favorite shoes. Gazing about me, shading my eyes, I see no such thing.

I see fields and fields of short men.

Good looking, some of them. Charming, others. Good looking, charming, singing, smiling lovely SHORT men. What gives?

So lately I have been thinking about these same short men. (Leonato’s progeny? no, that was a daughter) I have been thinking and laughing with friends about what makes a man a short man. Is it really height? Am I judging these short men unfairly? Lately, I think I have been.  Then I look around at all the middling to tall men who are very small souled.

Stature is not the measurement of a man. Character is.

These men who are vertically challenged are not necessarily the short ones. The short man who is a gentleman is taller than the tall man who is common, mean and crass. The short man who fears God and lives in repentance is taller than the man who is a whitewashed tomb.

And as long as they’re ok with my 4 inch heels, I will no longer discriminate against men whose stature is less than mine. Provided the are great hearted heroes in their souls.


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  1. I can only say that “fields and fields of short men” manifests itself as a VERY amusing image in my mind.

    Something like the faces of surly dwarfs popping out of cornstalks…truly unfortunate.

    • I immediately saw men with daisy petals around their faces.

      And my question is: why do all the tall men marry the short – very short – girls? Don’t they know that tall women are waiting for them?

  2. This is true enough. Clearly I was thinking only of metaphysically short men because, let’s face it, I’ve no room to call any of them physically short.

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