I will encourage those traits which I admire in myself and in others.

I will cease and desist such things as will be detrimental to my functionality in society.

What do I mean? I mean, like Miss Climpson, I will go get ’em. Like Beckett. I mean I had better stop watching back to back episodes of Castle, and limit my Fillion addiction feeding habits. I had better begin hanging up my coat. I will accomplish things!

Or I will be very well rested, well adjusted and well liked, but homeless.


One thought on “Resolved

  1. Today, I attended 4 classes, made two meals, and washed my dishes. That pretty much stretches the limit of what I can do in a day.

    Why are the most simple things the most difficult? Why does folding laundry feel like pulling teeth? Are we still adolescents?

    We are responsible only for ourselves.

    Maybe that is the problem. I feel as though if someone else were responsible for me, and I were responsible for someone else, life would be so much simpler! Is that egotistic thinking?

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