Egotists Create

One of the purposes of this blog is to force us into disciplining our creativity. This means practice, exercises, and feeling the pressure to get things done! Therefore, we will share with you our pretensions, our creativity, and our experiments. We welcome any criticism, ideas, corrections, discussion. Please, enjoy!

The Calligraphy Set

Dreams that Never Die

Gato De La Selva

Jaguar of Your Mountain

Amor de la Selva

Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg!

Creative Writing


Call Center Crisis

The Curds of Fortitude

Dear Gerontion


Hell Hath No Fury


In the Graveyard at The Ridges Insane Asylum: Just As If . . . 

In Memoriam: A Brace of Sonnets

Injunction in My Sickness

King David Was  a Harper

The Lay of Tinnuhen

Lachrymose Lines

Limerick Blitz: Cure for the Common Thursday


Proclaiming Who’s Who

A Psalm

Revoking Hamlet

‘Tis But the Ecstasy of Death


A Winter’s Love Poem


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